1. While on the competition premises, competitors shall conduct themselves in a civil, sportsmanlike manner at all times.
  2. It is the competitors responsibility to be in attendance in advance of the advertised time scheduled for the events he is entering.
  3. Competitors entering the SAVANNAH DANCE CLASSIC event shall accept as final the individual markings of the Judges and no appeal against them may be made, except when it can be shown that the actual markings have been incorrectly interpreted.
  4. No competitor shall harass or question a judge about his/her personal reasons for marking.
  5. Any competitor who removes any of the master scrutineer sheets without the permission of the Organizer shall render himself liable to disciplinary action.
  6. The Organizer of the SAVANNAH DANCE CLASSIC reserves the right to reject the application of any competitor who has violated any of the above rules of conduct in any recognized N.D.C.A. event.
Download the complete list of Rules and Regulations (pdf format)